Questions, Answered.




  • Are Virginia the Wolf products ethical?

I source my bones and natural remains from many different places. I will always state the exact origin of my materials in my listings so that all my customers can decide for themselves whether they deem my pieces ethical or not. Personally, I do not believe in the word "ethical" as I find it ambiguous and overused, without much thought going behind how it is used and what it actually means. I believe we all draw our boundaries in different places and I allow my customers to make the most informed decision they can by providing them with as much information as possible.

That said, I will NEVER source anything from China or any place where I feel that an animal has suffered its existence for the use of mankind.


  • How durable are Virginia the Wolf pieces?

Virginia the Wolf pieces are as durable as how you look after them. I offer a lifetime guarantee on all my pieces to assure you that once you buy a Virginia the Wolf gem, it can be with you forever. If you look after your piece, it should live on longer than you!


  • Can I come and visit Virginia the Wolf somewhere to shop for the pieces?

Unfortunately I do not have a shop in London where I sell Virginia the Wolf , but you are always welcome to contact me at to arrange a special appointment to visit me in my studio if you are after something in particular or if you have a special request.

I also do random markets and festivals. To keep up to date with where I will be over the year, join my social platforms! (links at the bottom of the page)


  • Where did you get the inspiration for Virginia the Wolf?

I absolutely love nature and want to bring it to the world in a way which I believe can incorporate both modern and traditional themes. Science and art have always gone hand in hand and I see what I do as working with science, not affiliating any connotations towards death or morbidity, but hopefully sharing my love for the beauty that nature creates, allowing my customers to appreciate and adore these incredible natural formations in the same way I do. We very rarely have the opportunity to get up close and personal with such internal objects. I hope to change that, and contribute to a community of people who appreciate art in all it's natural form. Mother Nature is one helluva creator, lets admire her work.


  • How did you come up with the name "Virginia the Wolf"?

Contrary to many people's beliefs, my name is not Virginia, and I am not in love with Wolves (although they are very cool animals...). The name Virginia the Wolf draws itself from my adoration for a very influential and inspiring woman named Virginia Woolf.

Her writings have inspired me since I was a teenager and I hope that borrowing her name will spread the word of her works and her brilliant mind.